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Standart How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 10

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**Warning** This fantasy story series contains or will contain elements of Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Female Domination, Cuckolding, Interracial Sex, Bi-sexual Innuendo and Tendencies, Teasing, and BDSM Activities. If any of these topics are offensive you to, I recommend not reading.


I awoke to a note from Angie that said she was going to spend the day at a spa being beautified and pampered in preparation for her date. The note included a very stern warning about ensuring all of my cuckold tasks, as she referred to them, were completed prior to her return. She said she would be home by four and that I should be available to get her ready for Jerome. I consumed a light breakfast, grabbed her sizeable list from the fridge, and ventured out to brave a few stores where I was likely to be the only man in a sea of women shoppers.

I had a very specific vision in my head of how I wanted to doll my wife up for Jerome. I am sure most of you think I am crazy by now but going back and rereading that last sentence has me doubting my own sanity. Well if a fetish was the norm, I guess it wouldn?t be a fetish, would it? It took some lengthy visits to eight different stores before I had all the items I was looking for. I received all types of looks from the shoppers and employees as I thumbed through the clothing racks but the worst ones came while perusing the lingerie. Judging by their sneers, more than a few soccer moms just thought I was some pervert looking to get off from touching the silky, intimate garments. Well, I am a pervert but not in the ways they thought. As I checked out, I made it a point to mention that my wife needed an outfit for her date tonight. Surprisingly, most of the cashiers just assumed it was a date with me, but I got an eyebrow raise and a smile from three of them.

After a quick stop at the pharmacy to grab a three-pack of thin magnum condoms, I was on my way home with all my tasks completed and a swollen dick that was being expertly contained by the metal sheath of my chastity belt. It made me think of how far we had come in our cuckold relationship. We were already at the point where her lover enjoyed the power of tasking her husband with preparing the wife for her dates. Add that to the fact that I had not been allowed to put my cock inside her pussy for more than half a year, and it was becoming clear that he would soon want to take ownership of her.

I wasn?t opposed to Angie becoming Jerome?s little white toy. On the contrary, I found the idea very appealing. To put it blatantly, I was horny as all hell, not just a desire to empty my balls, but a deep wanting of having the fantasy of watching my wife fucking a black man fulfilled. The fact that she has had another man?s cock in her married pussy a few times now while denying me the chance to witness it was starting to drive me crazy and slowly chipping away at my resolve to continue our little game. At the very least, I wanted to see his thick cum leaking from her pussy after he got done using her. And to that end, I devised a little game of my own.

Once I got home, I grabbed a small sewing needle and used it to pierce the foil packaging on one of the condoms. I had read that baby oil has a tendency to break down latex, causing it to tear more easily. If Jerome wasn?t going to intentionally fill my wife?s pussy with his spunk then perhaps, I could steer him down this path with a broken condom. Maybe he wouldn?t realize that it broke until after he shoved it in to the hilt and released his load into her. After forcing a few drops of baby oil through the hole in the foil, I put all three condoms back in the box and put them on the nightstand for her. Consider this my own little game of Russian roulette with a thirty-three percent chance of her choosing the weakened condom.

Angie and Kelley came through the front door a little before four o?clock laughing and having a good time. It was obvious that she had gotten her hair done and a quick check of her fingers revealed a fresh French Manicure. Ladies really go to the extreme when they want to get laid and the ?I need to get fucked!? look in her eye was not lost on me.

Kelley finally acknowledged my presence and noticed my new hardware. ?Wow Sis! That looks like some medieval shit right there. Get over here limp dick and let me get a closer look at that.?

I took two quick steps before Angie interrupted, ?You have all night to get a closer look at his new cage. Right know I need my cuckold husband to help me get ready for my date. That?s right baby. Kelley is going to cuck-sit tonight while I am out getting banged. Ask her nicely and maybe she will tease you a bit. Now come upstairs with me my darling husband.?

I followed her up the stairway, watching her giddy skips, the extra pep in her step from the anticipation of the night?s sexual activities, no doubt. I had left all the items I purchased today concealed because I had a plan in mind.

?I want to blindfold you while I get you dressed for your date,? I began, cautious with my words in case I was poker oyna overstepping my boundaries. ?I don?t want you to see what I picked until I have you fully dressed. Will you let me do that Goddess??

?Mmmmm, that actually sounds incredibly hot,? she complimented me. ?I can?t wait to see what you bought to properly present your wife to her lover.?

I quickly grabbed the blindfold from the nightstand and slipped it over her head, careful not to mess up her styled and curly hair. As she stood in the middle of the room, I unbuttoned the pink cotton shirt down past her belly button before slipping it off her shoulder and allowing it to flutter down to the hardwood floor. I ran my hands over her skin as I moved behind her and brought my fingers to her full cup, lacey white bra. With a snap of my thumb and forefinger on the fastener, the left and right side of the elastic band snapped outward allowing her breasts to drop ever-so-slightly. Moving both hands up her shoulder blades, the index finger of each hand pushed the straps off her shoulder, allowing the undergarment to join her shirt at her feet. I tried not to remove my hands from her body as I transitioned to her loose fitting white cotton shorts. I reached around her body and unbuttoned the waist snap before pulling the zipper down slowly. With a quick yank, the shorts traveled down her smooth and shapely legs unabated before coming to rest at her ankles. Only one article of clothing remained until I was rewarded with a bare pallet. Putting my thumbs into the waistband of her light blue cotton boy shorts, I peeled the damp panties down her legs while dragging my palms down the smooth, pale skin of her thighs and calves. I held her hands and supported her as she stepped from both items, first the right, and then the left leg.

I started adorning my unfaithful little wife with the sheer black strapless brassier, bringing the three-quarter cup bra under her heaving chest and wrapping the thin material around her ribcage before connecting the clasps in the middle of her back. The bra provided the perfect amount of lift and drew her tits together for some well-defined cleavage that came to just below her neck, yet the sheer material was so thin that it contoured to every curve of her breast. Her hardening nipples were clearly visible through the material. Next I removed the black lacey garter belt from the shopping bags, wrapped it around her trim waist just above her well defined hips, and allowed the four stocking straps to dangle down her thighs. Blind fold or not, she knew that stockings were coming. I took a quick moment to run my right index finger between her legs and elicited a sharp intake of breath from my blindfolded beauty when I parted her pussy lips. As I suspected, my finger came away dripping in juices that I sucked off of my finger.

I grabbed her by the arms and walked her awkwardly backwards until I could gently lower her to a sitting position on the bed. The stockings I chose for the outfit were black in color with a thick and vibrant black seam that was meant to transition up the back of her legs. The tops of the stockings had a shimmering and stretchy black border that was more than two inches wide. I rolled the stockings up her legs, watching the stretchy material hug every surface of her smooth legs until the upper border clung to her upper thigh. After standing her up, I attached the garter straps and drew them taught as a bow string before ensuring the back seams were straight and running my hands up and down her legs to inspect my work. I snapped the two back straps of the garter playfully and elicited a small growl in warning.

I was snapped out of my trance by the ringing of the door bell and heard Cristina call up that she would get it. After a few seconds, I could just barely make out a man?s deep voice conversing with Kelley?s pitchy tone. I figured I had better stop toying with my wife and finish getting her dressed.

I had her step into the black skirt and shimmied it up her legs. The mid-thigh length skirt was tight around her waist and hips before flaring slightly around the legs resulting in a mini-skirt that allowed some fluid movement around her legs. The skirt was just short of covering the entire black border of her stockings, ensuring that everyone around would know she was a slut. The white sleeveless blouse was slipped over her head and allowed to fall down her torso. The loose fitting garment was open down the middle of the front down to her belly button with material bunched up on each side. The blouse was thin so that you could see the outline of her black bra behind it. The black sexy shoes that I chose were six inch open toe pumps that had ribbons to criss-cross up her calves and tied off in a band perpendicular to her legs. To finish the outfit, I adorned her ears with gold hoop earrings and wrapped a gold anklet around her left ankle.

I stood her up in front of the full length mirror before removing her blindfold and letting her admire my work. As she blinked the darkness out of her eyes and focused on canlı poker oyna the sight before her, I watched her lips curl upward into a crooked little smile. I began to relax as she continued to smile, turning left and right to take in every angle of her slut-wear.

?Hummm, I don?t know,? she said, her finger toying with her lips. ?I think Jerome may get the idea that your wife puts out. Go down and introduce yourself. Let him know that I just need a few minutes to touch-up my face.?

She interrupted me as I started to put on pants. ?What do you think you are doing? I did not tell you to get dressed. Besides, Jerome wants to see my husband?s cock put out to pasture.?

I must have turned four shades of red as I descended the stairs into the living room. Jerome was still standing next to the door talking with Kelley. Even leaning down to talk to my wife?s sister, it was easy to tell that he stood more than six feet tall. Beneath the black slacks and long sleeve plum business shirt was the muscular and powerful frame that would, no doubt, pick my wife up and throw her into bed.

?Angie will be down in a few moments,? I began almost choking on my words. ?She just needs a moment to put on the finishing touches.?

?There is the man of the house,? Jerome boomed with a touch of humor as he started in my direction and took my hand in a very firm handshake. ?Damn son, she wasn?t kidding about locking your tiny prick up. Look man, I really appreciate you letting me take your wife out for a good fucking. Bitch knows how to drain a set of balls.?

?Please have a seat,? I gestured towards the couch trying to get his attention off my chastity belt. ?Can I get you something to drink??

?Whiskey, on the rocks,? he quickly answered in a commanding tone. ?Go ahead and make one for the lovely ladies as well.?

Like a good little servant, I quickly retreated to the kitchen and mixed the drinks for my guests before returning to the living room with one whiskey and two rum and cokes for the ladies. At the same time, everyone?s attention was drawn to the clickety-clack of high heels coming down the steps. I set the drinks down on the coffee table as Jerome stood up, meeting my wife at the bottom of the stairs and locking her in a passionate kiss. My cock was already as swollen as it could possibly get. He led her towards the couch and took a stiff swig of his drink.

?You did a good job of dressing your wife for me, cuckold. Snowflake is lookin fine. Did you follow all my instructions??

?Yes Sir,? I quickly answered. I don?t know why I called him Sir. With his confidence and abrupt tone, it just felt like the right thing to say.

I watched as he yanked the loose portion of the black skirt upwards revealing her panty less and bare pussy while my tiny wife just stood there with her arms crossed behind her back. He roughly inserted two fingers deep into her pussy with no hesitation or compassion. The squishy sound as he violated her married pussy explained why her pussy offered no resistance to Jerome?s assault.

?Damn, Bitch!? Jerome exclaimed, still 3 knuckles deep in her white cunt. ?You gonna leave a snail trail anywhere you sit. This pussy can?t wait to get stuffed with my cock, but that will have to wait for later. Right now, I need that gorgeous mouth of yours wrapped around my dick. Let?s show your husband how good of a black cock sucker you have become.?

Jerome withdrew his fingers from my wife?s pussy and sat back on the couch before unzipping his fly. Angie didn?t even attempt to adjust her skirt before dropping to her knees and freeing his already hardening cock. While locking eyes with me, she opened her mouth wide and sunk half way down his monster black pole. After resting for a moment she began to bob up and down in his lap, her saliva making the dark brown skin glisten.

I had seen pictures of his cock, and while his size amazed me, it was nothing compared to seeing it in person. I was no competition for this guy. I could let a bee sting my little prick and I still wouldn?t come close to his size. The humiliation, coupled with the fact that our guest was enjoying an amazing blow job while sitting on my couch, had the head of my cock pressed firmly on the nubs within the cock cage. Even though they were not sharpened, the pressure was causing me a great amount of discomfort. If the spikes had been installed, I would be curled up on the floor trying to grit through the pain. I knew that I would one day know that exact feeling and the thought made me involuntarily shiver.

Both Kelley and I looked on as Angie continued to suck Jerome off and she didn?t display the slightest discomfort at having an audience. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and began to tongue his hairless and taught scrotum, drawing each of his large testicles into her mouth and sucking on them before releasing them with a popping sound.

?God Damn!? Jerome commented between quick breaths, ?Your wife sure knows how to blow a guy. That?s it snowflake, suck on them balls and work for that internet casino nut. Tell me something hubby. This fine ass woman ever swallow your cum??

?No Sir,? I replied feeling a bit embarrassed having to admit it.

Jerome grabbed my wife roughly by the hair and pulled her up along side of his head before whispering something into her ear. When he was done, my wife simply looked into his eyes and nodded before returning to sucking his cock with renewed vigor. After five minutes of working his dick to the tune of slurping sounds, Jerome?s breathing began to quicken and his midsection started to tense up.

?Watch closely white boy so you can see how it is done,? Jerome stated confidently before letting out a roar and grabbing the back of my wife?s head.

I watched as his thick cock pulsated, knowing he was filling my wife?s mouth with his cum. It was hard to miss that my wife had her eyes locked on me the entire time. Spurt after forceful spurt filled her mouth causing her cheeks to swell, looking like a squirrel smuggling nuts. When Jerome pulled out of her mouth, she turned on her knees in my direction and opened her jaw, showing me his large load coating her mouth, a large portion of the viscous white fluid resting on her tongue.

?Swallow that nut bitch!,? Jerome commanded my wife and I watched as she closed her lips, swallowing three times to allow his cum to slide into her belly. ?That?s my girl. Don?t sweat it man. It is pretty common for these white horny wives to swallow their bull?s seed even if they never do it for their darling husband. Well, what are you waiting for snowflake, give your husband a kiss and let?s get going. I want to show off that fine ass before I take you home for a good ole pounding.?

Angie arose from her knees, gabbing the back of my head before shoving her tongue into my mouth as she passionately kissed me. While it was clear that she swallowed all of his cum, I could still taste the remnants of it. As she broke the long kiss, she gave me one last quick peck on the lips and retreated quickly to the door with Jerome. Just as quickly as he showed up, they were in his car and on their way for a night of fun. I looked out the window to see at least two of my neighbors watching my wife get into a black man?s car. That would make for some interesting gossip.

Kelley?s hand on my shoulder shifted my focus from my public humiliation. Her touch was almost loving as she lightly turned me around to face her, pressing her lips to mine and her tongue lightly pushing past my lips. I returned her affection for a moment before she broke the kiss and dropped to her knees to gaze upon my new metal prison.

?Wow, my evil sister really has you trapped now,? she snickered as she manipulated my cage left and right. ?Don?t worry hun. I am going to take good care of you tonight while your wife is out getting her pussy stretched by some big black cock. Why don?t you go make us some dinner while I make some preparations??

I had no idea what she meant about taking care of me but her gentle tone had my mind swimming in confusion. Either which way, I was not going to offer her any reason to change her mood and immediately made my way into the kitchen to prepare our meal. Since I am no professional cook, I made spaghetti with meat sauce and set the table for two.

As I was putting our food on the table, Kelley sauntered into the kitchen, her sexy body adorned in a pink and black corset that left her ample breasts completely exposed. Her lack of panties left her silky slit on clear display and took most of my attention off her pink stocking encased legs. After taking in her beauty for a brief moment, we sat down and enjoyed our simple, yet delicious, meal. Once we were finished eating, she took my hand and led me to the living room without a word spoken.

Following her like a puppy on a leash, she directed me to a chair in the middle of the living room, facing the television. I sat down and she took her time tying my wrists and ankles to the chair with soft and silky rope. It wasn?t until after I was completely immobile that she finally spoke.

?Angie told me that she canceled your scheduled orgasm this week. I hope you don?t mind, but I advocated on your behalf and convinced her to let me jerk you off tonight. You can consider this a personal favor that I intend to have repaid in the future. Angie asked me not to ruin your orgasm like last time, but that will be entirely up to you. I am going to spend most of the night giving you the best hand job of your life but you are not to cum until I give you permission. If you can hold out until I tell you to cum, I will give you a mind blowing orgasm. If not, I will watch you cry as your seed just dribbles out of your cock.?

She pulled the key off her neck and started by removing the bar through my piercing. It pinched the skin as she pulled it out causing me to twitch. She inserted the key into the cage lock and with the twist of her wrist, the cage popped free due to the pressure from my growing cock. By the time she slid the cage off my member, it was already standing at full attention. She didn?t bother to remove the belt portion of my chastity device. My cock and balls proudly presented themselves through the triangular metal plate.
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