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porno 04 Temmuz 2015 16:24

[18+] Sex Hikayeleri
Santa, baby !

When bookstore owner Caron Avery dresses up as Marilyn Monroe for a charity ball, she decides that for once in her life she let her inhibitions go. Before she knows it, Caron is living a night of fantasy with sexy millionaire Baxter Remington in hot pursuit. And what a night it is. Sizzling, red-hot and sensual, Baxter cant believe he fallen under the adorable blonde brunette spell. But with the scandal going on in his life, he knows he should let her go before she gets caught up in it, too. Then again maybe one more night (or eight!) of mind-blowing passion will help them both forget!

Format file: mp3
Size archive: 172 mb
Duration: 424 min.

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porno 04 Temmuz 2015 21:01

Prerecorded phone sex story
Ok :) I don't know if this will be to anyone's liking or not but I saw some others simular to this and figured why not post it too.
I guess I'm as much of a pervert as anyone else here and I do call the phone sex lines, only I try and tape them for later use I mean who can spend up to $2 min to get off each time right?

So anyways this one is a prerecorded story from some girl that calls herself TabooBridget only this isn't really very taboo except the fact that she wants to "squirt all her girl juice all over your cock" she never says how old she is or how old you are, she doesn't even say where she is or for that matter the time of day.
If you like it please clicky on the thanks button and I'll try and post some more.

Format file: mp3
Size archive: 7 mb
Duration: 8 min.

porno 05 Temmuz 2015 14:48

Erotic Voice [asian]

Format file: mp3
Size archive: 49 mb
Duration: 72 min.


Format file: mp3
Size archive: 18 mb
Duration: 25 min.


Format file: mp3
Size archive: 38 mb
Duration: 43 min.

porno 06 Temmuz 2015 11:02

Love Bites
True love: good from the first bite. Etienne Argeneau 300 years of bachelorhood were at an end. Either that, or he be forever alone. He could only turn one human in his lifetime, and most of his kind created a life mate. If he turned this stranger. But what choice did he have? He had to help Rachel Garrett. The beautiful coroner had saved his life. To save hers, he would make her immortal. To the last.. Rachel Garrett awoke surprised. All she wanted was to get off the night shift in the morgue; now here she was staggering to her feet naked and in a strange place. But everything would be alright. She just make like a bat out of.. Then she saw the man of her dreams emerging from his coffin? And the look in his bright silver eyes said they be spending a lot of time together. She just hoped he tasted as good as he looked.

Format file: mp3
Size archive: 230 mb
Duration: 501 min.

porno 07 Temmuz 2015 17:12

A tale of forbidden love (mom/son)
A 3 part audio story series.... A tale of forbidden love mother and son!

Format files: mp3
Size archives: 29 mb
Duration: 128 min.

part 1 -
part 2 -
part 3 -

porno 08 Temmuz 2015 18:50

14 daddy's catholic slut
Annnd I'm back, looks like several folks liked the audios! Here's a new one... it's longer ~15 min, and definitely more hardcore! If you're adverse to a fictional erotic story containing incest and filthy dirty talk, don't download it!

Format file: mp3
Size archive: 14 mb
Duration: 15 min.

porno 09 Temmuz 2015 21:13

Sounds of the candid sexy wife getting fucked. Enjoy :)

The wife:

Format files: wma
Size archives: 5 mb
Duration: 4 min.

part 1 -
part 2 -

porno 10 Temmuz 2015 20:03

I'm a fan of erotic sounds since years and probably own the biggest collection ever. Porn sounds are not as much my cup of tea as next-door or homemade recordings are so these sounds would fit more into the amateur and voyeurism category. Hey Songmaster, now here are some alternatives for you!

Format files: mp3
Size archives: 96 mb
Duration: 149 min.

porno 12 Temmuz 2015 12:50

Best erotic stories
Hello Everyone! I'm Lucifia, and new here, but if you ever frequent Literotica, Babblesex, or Elliquiy, you might have run across me before! I'm essentially obsessed with erotic audio stories, not just the sounds of fucking or sensual music, but stories or dialogue. I'm going to start uploading my long collected archive bit by bit, and I'd love feedback! Today, I'll be uploading short (~3min) quickies! It contain 23 files.

Format files: mp3
Size archives: 53 mb
Duration: 69 min.

porno 14 Temmuz 2015 15:34

It's August and I totally forgot to post the sexsounds from Advent Calendar 2012. So here they are, split up in 4 messages. Days 1 to 6, no password needed to extract.

Format files: mp3
Size archives: 29 mb
Duration: 46 min.

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