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Standart Alisha Ch. 05

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The months passed by. The end of college year was approaching. The final exams were over and we only had practicals left to complete. Me and Alisha were happy together. We would see each other whenever we could.

We could not be together always since we had different social lives and we still had to figure out how to open up about our relationship to our parents and friends.

Call me paranoid but I had a feeling my mom knew more than she was letting on. Whenever she saw me she had a smile that says 'I know your secret and am waiting for you to come out with it!'

As usual I got up showered and packed my bag. I went downstairs and ate breakfast. My mom wished me luck for the practical exam for that day and I was off to college. I met with my friends as well as Alisha and her group. We proceeded towards college while chatting.

I flashed a smile at Alisha and mimed, "Good morning."

Alisha nodded and mimed, "You too!"

When we reached college we parted ways. The practical was easy. Me and my partner were confident that we achieved all requisites. The teacher checked the apparatus and after giving a smile gave our grades. He said, "Good job."

We left when the bell rang signalling the end of our practicals. We laughed at our friend when he described what went wrong in his experiment.

As we neared the exit I noticed Alisha and her idiot of an ex in an argument. He was shouting something and waving hands like crazy. Alisha was screaming back too.

She must have said something because he took a step and caught hold of her hand. I was seething red by then! How dare he touch her. I gave my bag to my friend and moved towards Alisha.

When I was at a hearing distance I heard 'Bitch...' and before he could finish I slammed a fist in his face. He crashed sideways and fell. Everyone gathered to see what was going on and my friends came to stop someone jumping me. This was our fight alone! He got up and tried to swing a punch but I ducked and slammed my fist in his stomach.

He doubled over in pain. I then kicked him on his shins. I grabbed hold of his hair when my friends dragged me away saying,

'He's done. Leave him. Lets go before the teachers arrive.'

They dragged me outside and tried to calm me. They had never seen me lose my cool like this. I turned and saw Alisha watching me with trepidation. I calmed down with an effort and asked her,

"Are you all right?"

She managed to keep a straight face and said, "Yes. My arms a bit sore."

I knew she would want to inquire about my anger later and I wasn't looking forward to it. I took my bag and started toward home leaving my friends bewildered. They left me alone which I was grateful of. I reached home and found the house empty. Looking into the fridge for something to eat I heard the phone ring.

It was mom and so I picked up. She said she was shopping with my aunt and asked me if me and Alisha could order a pizza. I sighed and said sure we would and hanged up. I knew Alisha would come soon and she would be pissed. I sat on the sofa with my eyes closed waiting for her to arrive.

The door opened and I heard someone enter. I didn't open my eyes and waited for them to say something. It was Alisha. She sat on my lap and wrapping her hands pulled me for a kiss.

I was shocked. I bursa escort bayan was prepared that she would chew my head off and instead she was kissing me. I wrapped my arms and kissed her deeply. All through the kiss my eyes were closed.

My dick was hard as it always was around her. She was wiggling her hips back and forth. Her hard nipples were pressing me in the chest and Alisha was moaning into my mouth. We were kissing passionately. After breaking the kiss and gulping deep breaths I opened my eyes and found her gazing at me.

I opened my mouth to speak when she shushed me. We let our eyes speak. Her eyes were twinkling and she had a smile on her face. I was content to just hold her. But my hands, seemingly on their own accord, drifted towards her ass. I grabbed her cheeks and pulled her closer. Alisha giggled.

I leaned and kissed her again. This was not the animal lust as before. This kiss was slow and sensual. I pulled back and smiled. Alisha was stroking my hair and I was relaxed. She said,

"What was that all about?"

I knew what she was talking about. I myself was confused as to why I lost my cool. I replied,

"I don't know. Seeing him grab your hand made my blood boil. I wanted to hurt him so bad. I was focused on breaking him. I saw your anxiety and was afraid you would hate me. I never lose my calm."

Alisha took hold of my face and placed a soft kiss. She said,

"I couldn't hate you. I love you. I was afraid you would get hurt. So many people were watching but none of them bothered to stop him. And then you came and started hitting and slamming him."

It was good to hear Alisha didn't hate me. I kissed her and said,

"I love you too!"

Alisha smiled and started wiggling her hips. My dick was starting to hurt since it was bending in an uncomfortable angle in the confines of my jeans. I grabbed hold of her ass and stood up from the couch. Alisha wrapped her legs around my waist. I climbed the stairs and we walked to my bedroom.

Feeling playful I threw her on the bed. Alisha giggled. I took off my shirt and threw it aside. I unbuttoned my jeans removing it and stood in my boxers. Alisha sat up and stopped me from removing my boxers. She wanted to and so I allowed her.

She directed me towards the bed. I sat on the bed and relaxed. Alisha grabbed the knot on my boxer string and pulled it open. She tugged on them and removed it. My dick stood at attention. Alisha spread the pre-cum around my sensitive head. I shivered. It was too sensitive. She stroked my cock a few times. Leaning down she opened her mouth and enclosed it on my dick.

The feeling of her lips on my dick made me moan. I never tire from her blowjob. Sometimes she would like to tease me and sometimes she would finish me quickly. Today she started sucking and stroking me simultaneously. I was close. She licked the underside of my cock and moaned.

The vibrations did wonders to my already erect cock. Alisha removed her head and licked my balls. I moaned. She was too good. She smiled and started stroking faster. Alisha knew I was close. She opened her mouth and pulled me deeper. The head of my cock hit her throat and she gagged a little.

Try as she might she couldn't take me in her throat. I tensed and she raised her head putting just the tip gorukle escort and sucked hard. I felt my orgasm build and shouted,

"I am cumming!"

Alisha moaned. The first spurt went directly in her throat. She swallowed it when it again was filled with my remaining shots. Alisha swallowed all and squeezed my cock for the last drop. I was wholly relaxed now. I lay my head on the wall enjoying the after effects.

I opened my eyes and smiled. "That was mind blowing. You dried me good. I don't think I have any left now."

Alisha jumped on me and started tickling me. I was too strong for her and so rolled her on her back and tickled back. She was giggling and saying "Sorry" over and over. I relented and stopped. I kissed her and swapped tongues with her. I could taste the remains of my cum on her tongue but ignored it.

I pulled back and showed her my rejuvenated dick. Alisha smiled and clapped her hands saying,

"Oh goody. Lets fuck!"

I smiled at her enthusiasm and tugged on her shorts. Her panty was soaked in the front. Her pussy lips framed. My dick twitched in excitement. I removed her panties and inhaled her smell. It was intoxicating. I threw the shorts aside and pulled her shirt. Her beautiful boobs made my mouth water. I took hold of her nipple and sucked hard.

Alisha raised her chest and moaned loudly. She pulled my head even closer. While I licked and sucked her one nipple, my hand was pinching her other nipple. Alisha was delirious with pleasure. She was on the peak but couldn't climax. I took hold of the nipple between my teeth and bit on them tenderly. This pushed her over and she shivered in climax.

After trailing soft kisses I licked her navel making Alisha giggle. Continuing south I dipped my face in her valley and licked from her entrance to her clit. Alisha bucked her hips. She pushed her pussy into my face. I licked and slurped on her pussy. Opening her pussy lips I jabbed my tongue as far and as deep aa it could go. Alisha moaned. She was on the verge of another climax. I licked my finger and flicked her clit with it.

I continued licking her lips. Moving up I removed my finger and licked her clit. Taking two fingers I inserted them and started fingering her with them. Alisha raised her hips and screamed. She writhed and twisted and pushed my head away. Her pussy was too sensitive.

Leaning back I licked my fingers and waited for Alisha to calm down. She was moaning with the tremors coursing through her body. At last she opened her eyes and spread her arms. I embraced her. My hard dick nestled on her pussy and her nipples were poking me! I smiled and kissed her.

After the kiss Alisha started propping her hips. Getting the hint I raised myself and pointed my cock towards her hot entrance. We both moaned when my head slipped inside her pussy. I pushed more and entered her pussy fully. Alisha wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deeper.

Her pussy felt so good wrapped around me. This is where I wanted to be. It felt right. I started driving my hips at a faster pace. Suddenly I felt Alisha's muscles squeeze around my cock in a spasm. I moaned. I supported myself on a hand and squeezed her boob with the other. This made Alisha moan.

Alisha screamed and came when I pinched her nipple and slammed bursa merkez escort bayan my cock hard into her pussy.

"Aaah, Danny fuck me harder. Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She screamed.

I could feel her pussy quivering and a gush of wetness coated me. Finally, Alisha stopped coming and her body relaxed a bit. I raised my chest up from Alisha's body so I could see my cock inside her pussy. The sight of her pussy impaled on my rigid cock was tremendously exciting.

I could see the folds of her pussy lips and her clit was an erect pink nub. I rubbed the ball of my thumb along her clit and Alisha shuddered with delight.

"Aaah, That's good Danny, keep doing that," she moaned.

I rubbed her pussy and clit until she went screaming into another orgasm. I then raised her legs high in front of me and put them around my shoulders. I wanted to try this position for so long. I could now feel my cock go deep into her tight pussy.

I grunted with delight and started driving my cock hard. Soon, I couldn't hold back any longer and came, pumping copious amounts of come into Alisha's pussy. It was as though I wouldn't stop shooting. I collapsed sideways and pulled Alisha over me. My cock was still inside her pussy and was twitching through the after shocks.

Alisha opened her eyes and smiled. I pulled her in a kiss. We laid like that till my cock was pushed out of her pussy. I could feel our fluids oozing out of her pussy. Alisha hugged me tighter not wanting to move. She rest her head on my chest and was hearing my heart beat. My hands were caressing her back but soon found themselves on her bum.

Alisha giggled and said, "You do like my bum!"

I replied, "Yes. Very much." And pulled them apart and caressed them making her gasp.

Alisha said, "Stop it. I don't think I can handle any more and anyways I am sore."

I teased her saying, "Aww! Is it broke."

Alisha raised herself and started hitting me jokingly. I let her for a few moments and caught hold of her hands. She knew what was coming next and tried to break free. I rolled her and started tickling. We roughed around but noticing the time I told her we should probably shower.

Alisha sighed and agreed. I knew she didn't want this to end. Truth be told I was of the same opinion. I decided I would talk to my mom soon.

We entered the shower and scrubbed off all evidence. Alisha turned and hugged me. We stood like that for a long time but then common sense prevailed and we left the bathroom.

She went to the guest bedroom where she had extra set of clothes and I changed too. We went downstairs and switched on the music player. I ordered the pizza and we ate without any conversation. We enjoyed the music. I put the plates in the sink and joined Alisha on the sofa. We snuggled close to each other.

Alisha was right where I wanted her to be - in my arms. I never wanted to let her go. I decided to ask Alisha.

I said,"I think my mom knows about us. I don't think she is angry but waiting for me to come clean."

Alisha sighed and replied, "My mom smiles at me and I think she knows too. What should we do?"

I smiled and said, "Let me talk to my mom. I think they are OK with us. We will decide about dad my dad later. If my mom and aunt are both alright with us they will deal with him."

Alisha smiled and kissed me. When my mom and aunt came home they both smiled. I looked towards Alisha and she acknowledged she too saw it. We chatted for a bit and then bid Alisha and my aunt a good night. That night in bed I decided I would talk to my mom after the final exams were over. After a while I dozed off.
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