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Standart Heather and Riley Ch. 03

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Heather had always been an early riser. Riley, who was still curled up under the covers, was definitely not a morning person. Being careful not to make too much noise, she tiptoed around the bedroom they shared. Having smoothed the wrinkles from her comforter she began laying out the outfit she was going to wear to work.

Usually she was in a hurry to get to the office but today was Thursday. Mr. Patterson, the attorney she worked for, played racquetball with his friends every Thursday and would not be in till almost ten o'clock. So today was Heather's day to enjoy a long hot shower.

Heather started the water running in the shower. While the old plumbing in the building worked to bring up hot water from the boiler, she went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. On her way back to the shower she stopped at the window. Heather spread the curtains apart just enough so she could look out but no one outside could look in and see her in her thin nightgown. A light covering of fresh snow had fallen overnight. It looked cold outside and she hoped she would not have to scrape ice from her windshield.

Before stepping into the shower she turned the radio on. While washing her legs she could feel some stubble and decided to shave. Heather grabbed her razor from the rack hanging from the shower head. After double checking to make sure it was her razor and not Riley's, she started at her ankles and worked her way up. Her panty line needed some attention but a few quick strokes of the razor took care of it.

Standing under the falling water she listened to the radio. The local weatherman's familiar voice replaced the music for one his regular morning reports. He was a little to cheerful as he announced that the temperatures were going to rise a few degrees but they could expect a big snow storm tomorrow night. After cursing the weatherman for spoiling her good mood, Heather turned off the water and dried herself off.

Heather wrapped herself in a towel and went back into the bedroom to get dressed. Riley was still sleeping but had kicked some of her blankets off the bed leaving her bare bottom and legs in the open. Heather stifled a laugh and tried to fix the covers without disturbing Riley. She knew her daughter occasionally slept in the nude but rarely in the winter. Riley must have been starting to stir because as soon as Heather had replaced the covers her eyes opened.

"Sorry. I was just covering you back up," whispered Heather.

Still feeling groggy, Riley pulled the covers around her and said, " I should get up now anyway. If I don't I will probably over sleep."

"There is a fresh pot of coffee if you need any help shaking away the cobwebs."

Riley made something between a grunt and a growl as she threw the cover aside and stumbled down the hallway. Seeing her daughters bare back side walking away, Heather thought, "It is a good thing I keep the curtains closed."

By the time Riley came back carrying two mugs of coffee Heather was already half dressed. She was wearing a matching set of black lace bikini panties, a balconet style bra, and thigh high stockings. Riley handed her mother one of the steaming mugs and said, "You should go to work just like that. You would probably give old man Patterson a heart attack."

"You are rotten and Mr. Patterson is not that old," said Heather in defense of her boss.

"He has got to be in his sixties!"

"No! He is only 52 and he is a married man. So I think I will finish getting dressed. Now you should put some clothes on before the neighbors start peeking in our windows."

"Sorry. I didn't mean to touch a nerve," said Riley as she went to her side of the room to get ready for school.

Heather put on a black skirt that stopped just above her knees and a lavender blouse with black buttons down the front. Riley on the other hand dressed with her typical reckless abandon of any sense of fashion. She started with a pair of white cotton boyshorts which she covered with her favorite blue jeans. The last article of clothing she threw on was a dark green hooded sweatshirt.

Heather was brushing her long hair and casually watching Riley get dressed. She just had to ask, "You are not going to wear a bra?"

"No, I need to go buy a couple of new ones because the ones I have are getting a little tight."

"It is probably just another growth spurt," said Heather as she continued brushing her still damp hair.

"I hope not. If I get any bigger I will never see my feet again," said Riley making them both laugh.

Heather came over to Riley and gave her a quick hug and said, "I need to get going. I will see you after practice."

She grabbed her coat and was still zipping it up as she went down the stairwell to the parking lot. If she really cared or had more time, Heather would probably complain that the management had not salted the parking lot. In her high heels she cautious made the short walk to her truck.

As the truck's engine warmed up, Heather sat behind the kartal escort wheel rubbing her hands together to keep from freezing. While she waited she could not help but think about Riley's comments about Mr. Patterson. The one question that kept running through her mind was, "Does she know about our affair?" Riley was bright and had a lot more common sense than most teenagers; however, Heather never mentioned anything about it and they were always very discreet. "Maybe she had noticed one of the gifts he had given me," she wondered. The panties she was wearing were actually one of them.

The defroster was finally blowing warm air and the fog began to vanish from the windshield. Heather determined that Riley was most likely just teasing and put the truck into drive. On a normal day the trip to work took her twenty minutes but the roads were still icy in spots so it took her closer to thirty. Heather parked in her usual spot in the lot a few storefronts away.

Heather stepped out of the truck and almost fell on a patch of ice. She was able to catch herself on the truck door but somehow managed to snap off the heel of her right shoe. Heather picked the heel up and took a quick look at. She was lucky. It had broken off cleanly and she could glue it back on. Heather hobbled down the sidewalk and unlocked the door to the office.

Heather had worked as secretary in this office for the past seventeen years. She had been hired by Mr. Patterson's father who ran his law practice there until he retired ten years ago. His son had been looking to get away from corporate law and decided to takeover for his father.

Heather quickly closed the door as a gust of wind tried to make an unwelcomed entrance. She left the closed sign hanging on the door but kept the door unlocked. Walking on her uneven heels, Heather went to the break room to hang up her coat. Frustrated at the broken heel she slipped them off and carried them to her desk in the reception area.

Not wanting to ruin her stockings she decided to take them off and just go barefoot. No one was on the street at the moment. Apparently no one wanted to brave the cold. Quickly she hiked up her skirt and pulled down her stockings and stashed them in her purse.

The phone in Mr. Patterson's office started ringing. Heather rushed in still adjusting her skirt and grabbed the phone on the third ring.

"John Patterson's office. This is Heather. How can I help you?"

"Heather. It is Brenda. Is Mr. Patterson in yet?" asked the weak voice on the other end of the line.

"He is not in yet. You sound horrible. Are you okay?"

"I woke up with the flu. I don't think I will be able to make it in today."

"I will let Mr. Patterson know. Is there anything I can do?"

"There is a stack of files on my desk that need his signature. Other than that all I need is some rest and my fiancé is going to stop by later to check on me."

"I will take care of those files. Just relax and call me if you need anything."


Heather hung up the phone and went back to her desk. Busy work occupied her time until Mr. Patterson came through the door. He was a tall man at just over six feet. During his college days he had played football and still maintained his well muscled physique through plenty of hours at the gym. His shoulders were broad and thick and his waist was slim. Today he was dressed in a pair of tailored khakis and a dark blue dress shirt.

"John! Where is your coat? It is freezing outside," scolded Heather overcome by her motherly instincts.

"I forgot it at home. When I left this morning I was in my gym clothes and just did not think to grab it," he paused for a moment noticing her bare feet. "Wait a minute. You are getting on me for not wearing a coat and here you are running around barefoot."

Heather folded her arms across her large chest and said, "I broke a heel this morning and have not had a chance to fix it yet."

"There is a shoe store across the street. Go ahead and take some money out the petty cash and get yourself a new pair. Just put it down in the ledger as office supplies."

She wanted to run over and kiss him but settled with just thanking him. Someone on the street could possibly see them. At one point, John thought his wife had hired a private investigator to look into their relationship. Since then they were extra careful in public. His marriage had been a long series of ups and downs. During one of those down times, four years ago, they began their love affair. Heather knew he was never going to leave his wife. She accepted that she would always be the other woman in his life.

With a fifty dollar bill in her hand she crossed the street. When Heather entered the shoe store an older woman behind the counter greeted her.

"Judging by that broken heel, I assume you are looking for a new pair," the woman said.

"You are right but I am in a rush. I'm supposed to be at work."

"Of course, my grandson will be able to help you in cumhuriyet mahallesi escort just a moment," she rang the silver desk bell next to the cash register.

While they waited, the older woman took the liberty to letting her know about her grandson. Heather figured that the woman thought that she was her grandson's age. In only a few moments she knew that the grandson, Tim, was a freshman at Centerville University, studying biology and anthropology, and was still carrying a 4.0 average. Trying to be polite, Heather kept nodding as she looked through the display racks.

It did not take her long to find the pair she wanted. They were open toed and had a strap that wrapped around just above the ankle. From behind her a young man wearing a name tag with the name TIM on it asked, "Are those the ones you are looking for?"

Heather turned and said, "Yes, in a size six."

Tim disappeared through the curtain that separated the sales floor from the stockroom. Heather sat down on the bench in front of the curtain to remove her old high heels. Tim came back through the curtain carrying two boxes and knelt down in front of her.

"I went ahead and brought out a six and a half because these tend to run a little bit small," he said as he open the size six.

He held the shoe up so Heather could place her foot into it. Tim cradled her foot and with one hand he tighten the tiny buckle. As he did this, Heather could tell he was trying to look up her skirt. "What a little pervert," she thought.

"Go ahead and walk around a bit to see if it fits," he said.

Heather stood up and took a couple of steps. He was right. The size six was a little small. She sat back down and said, "Let's try the six and a half."

He was removing the size six and Heather made the decision to give the little pervert a bit of excitement. Tim was opening the next box and she took the risk and spread her knees a little wider. Heather did not want to make it too obvious what she was doing even though they were hidden by a rack of running shoes. When the little pervert looked up and saw her sitting in a rather unlady like fashion, he froze. He recovered quickly but his confidence was shaken. He fumbled trying to get the tiny buckle fastened and was getting more nervous.

Heather wanted to laugh. Tim's face was red and beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. Heather took his reaction as a compliment and it also made her a little bolder. He finally got the strap fastened and Heather tested the six and half. As she turned around she took note that the grandmother was busy with a crossword puzzle.

"I think this will work," she said.

"Great," said Tim as his voice cracked. He tried to cough to cover the squeak he just made.

Heather sat back down. This time she made no attempt at modesty. Her legs were open and she leaned back against the wall.

"I am going to wear them out so be a dear and help me out with the other one."

Stammering he said, "Uh... Sure no problem."

He was finding it very difficult to get the buckle fastened because his eyes were fixed on Heather's lace covered crotch. Heather softly giggled and told him to relax. He seemed to take the advice and was able to finish getting the strap in place.

"Go on. I know you want to," said Heather encouraging him.

Slowly he pushed his hand under Heather's skirt. She could feel his trembling fingers gliding along the inside of her thigh. Then his fingers brushed against her panties. He looked up at her and she nodded for him to continue. His still trembling fingers slide under the lace and swept across her bush. She inhaled deeply when she felt his timid fingers against her. His courage was building and he placed a finger on her slit. His finger easily slide inside her warm wet pussy. Heather pushed her hips down onto his finger. Suddenly his eyes got huge and he made a kind of choking noise. He jumped up.

"Uh...Uh...I got to go," he stammered and sprinted through the curtain.

Heather could see the wet spot forming on the front of his pants before he ran off. She picked up her old high heels and tossed them in the new box. At the cash register the older woman put down her crossword puzzle and typed the price on the register.

"Did you find everything you were looking for," she asked.

"Yes I did. Thank you and your grandson was a big help."

"He is a good boy. A little shy around the girls though, but a good boy."

"He probably just needs a little experience."

The older woman gave Heather a puzzled look. Heather just smiled back at her, took the change, and left.

Back at the office, Heather could hear that John was on the phone with a client. She tossed her purse in the bottom drawer of her desk on the way to John's office. She lightly knocked on the partial closed door and stuck her head around the door. John waved her in as he spoke. Heather walked right past the two high back leather chairs yunus escort across from John and sat on the desk in front of him. She picked up a pad of paper from his desk and wrote a message on it, "BRENDA IS NOT COMING IN TODAY." He shrugged his shoulder to show he did not understand what she was getting at. Heather turned the page over and wrote, "WE ARE GOING TO BE ALONE ALL MORNING." He now understood and raised his one eyebrow to show Heather that he did.

Starting with the top button she slowly started opening her blouse. John was trying to wrap up the phone conversation he was having but whoever was on the other end was not cooperating. Her blouse was now open and she let it fall off her shoulders. With one hand she unsnapped her bra and dropped it on the floor. John was clearly getting impatient with the caller. Heather slid forward on the desk and stood up. She pulled the zipper down on the back of her skirt. Her thumbs hooked inside both the skirt and her panties she then pushed them down until they both fell around her ankles. Carefully she stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

John finally had enough and said, "I sorry to cut you off but something has come up and I need to go. I will call you back."

John sat there for a moment admiring Heather's body. Even with all the plastic surgery his wife had over the years, her body was not nearly as gorgeous as Heather's.

"I like the heels. Very sexy," said John.

"I thought you would like them," said Heather as she knelt down in front of him, "I know something else you will like too."

Heather unzipped his pants and reached inside. His cock was like a steel rod. She needed his help dropping his pants so she could get the access to what she wanted. John had an impressive cock. It was about seven inches long and very very thick. It took Heather a few time to get used to thickness but what was really shocking were his balls. They were the size of kiwis and they delivered a massive load.

Heather softly kissed the tip of his cock and licked up and down the smooth shaft. A trickle of precum began to form on the tip so she knew he was ready. Heather stood up and turned around. She bent over the desk and said, "I need to feel you inside me."

Eagerly John jumped up behind her. Heather felt the tip of his cock press against her pussy. She tired to relax but her excitement would not let her. John placed his hands on her hips and pushed himself into her. Heather gasped. The feeling of her insides stretching to their limit was almost too much for her to take. Her pussy strained to force the intruder out but John held her tightly.

John could feel her pulsating around his member. It always amazed him how tight she was. He took a hand from her hip and reached under her to rub her clit. Heather started to relax and John began pumping in and out. It did not take long for Heather to have her first orgasm. John felt her start to go and increased his pace. That and the rhythm of his heavy balls slapping into her kept her riding wave after wave of orgasm. Heather knew he was getting close. His strokes became shorter and shorter until he grabbed her hips and pressed himself as deeply into as he could. It was like a firehouse opening up inside. Spurt after spurt of hot cum filled her.

John released his grip and stepped back. Even without his cock inside her, Heather's pelvic muscles kept tensing drawing his cum in deeper. John handed her a tissue that she used to wipe away the small drops that escaped from her gaping pussy when he pulled out. By keeping her pelvic muscles flexed she could hold the rest inside. Heather got up and put her clothes back on, except for her panties. She would not put them back on until she had a chance to push out as much cum as she could in the restroom.

John was completely dressed and handed Heather her panties. Before she could get away he gave her a deep passionate kiss. She knew he loved her. Heather stopped to check herself in the mirror John had on the back of his door before she went back to the reception area. She balled up the panties and hide them in her closed fist.

When she stepped out into the reception area she almost screamed. Grace, John wife, was coming through the other door carrying an extra coat. The shock almost caused Heather to forget and release her pelvic muscles that were keeping John's cum inside her.

"Heather! It is so good to see you," said Grace.

"It is good to she you too, Mrs. Patterson," lied Heather.

"I brought John's coat. He can be so forgetful but you probably already knew that. You are looking good. Come here and let me get a better look at you."

Smiling to hide her nervousness, Heather walked over to her. The entire time flexing to keep from making a hard to explain mess. Grace was one of those touchy feely women who had no concept of personal boundaries. She looked Heather up and down. "Just look at you. Your body is just fantastic and these tits are magnificent," said Grace.

Without even asking, Grace placed her hands on Heather's breasts and squeezed them.

"It amazes me that these are natural. What size are they?"

"I'm a 39 double D," answered Heather.

Grace threw John's coat onto a chair and took Heather's hand saying, "Come with me for a minute."
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